On Conversational Skills module you will learn how to talk and be interesting for hours, how to make new friends, create stories, handle shit-tests and more…

This module will fix your conversational problem once forever. After you go through this module you will never again have problems with conversational skills, or not be able to have a good interesting conversation with girls or anybody else in your life.

Fix your conversations once forever!

Inside you will get


Learn powerful Natural way of talking with girls

Badboy’s Wide & Deep conversational structure to never run out of things to say

How to stop asking too many questions in conversation and replace with stories

5 ways that to improve your Storytelling instantly

Learn how to create and structure your stories

Technique to create your own material “on fly”

You will get 8 topics that girls love to talk about

Learn how to make your conversation more Emotional

Full lists of shit-tests and how to answer them

How to avoid auto-pilot boring conversations

Master art of “Small talk”

Learn how to write your stories

Ways to make your conversation interesting

3 possible types of conversation – choose the right one

“TeacherFrame” Techniques – teach her things and get attraction

“FuturePlans” Techniques – A smooth way to project future with her and not be needy

Shit-tests practice video ( girls testing you video)

“PacingHerBelief Technique” – make her feel like she knows you for years

How to make her learn things about you

3 Mental games you can play to spice up your conversation

Easy conversational tricks to get her horny and turned on during conversation

5 Improvisational exercise’s to make your conversations smooth and natural

“Reward & Punishments” Techniques to teach her how to behave with you

Push pull lines and challenges to make her chase you

How to develop good sense for humor

Ways to destroy her Bitch-shield

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Size: 833 MB