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Dear friend,

How would you like to suddenly have more female friends, lovers, and girlfriends than you could even have time for? You see, most men try to get girlfriends and build their social lives in ways that:

Take too much time

Lead to disappointing results

Involve too much risk (who wants to approach tons of women and get rejected by most of them?)

And leave you feeling discouraged and hopeless while other guys get all the girls

That’s why I believe you’re going to love this. My name is Aslen Claymore, and my friend “D” has a crazy story about how he ended up having a ridiculous amount of single women in his life. He’s got a social circle that’s overflowing with hot women, and many of them are trying to get him on dates regularly. On top of that, he has a whole slew of high-quality friends that he shares fun experiences with.

And he’s not a typical guy that would normally “get” lots of women. Listen, if you’ve ever struggled to “get out there” and meet women, and if you’d like to have more of them in your life, then it’s absolutely critical that you read this letter now.

Here’s the scoop: D was one of the most unpopular kids in his school. He literally had only ONE friend throughout all of high school. He was a scrawny Indian kid who got picked on and bullied almost every day. He didn’t even go on his first date until he was 21. His social skills were far below average, and being a foreigner with brown skin just made things even worse for him.

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