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Tap into the power of your infinite mind…

Your perception creates your reality, so start writing the storyline just like you intend it to be!

In August 2016 I gave an event called Enigma and taught a few selected students the principles of Zepar, the demon of seduction. These were teachings of persuasion and seduction, that I have never taught to anybody up to that point. Since then many have asked for the recording, however, the price was at 10k… until now!

Now I have decided, that I will offer 1 of the lectures in my brand new product called Enigma, principles of Zepar! For a limited time, you will be able to get it for a discounted price.

Once you unlock the product, you will get access to 2 lectures: “The principles of Zepar” and “The Secrets of Seduction”

And a 3rd live lecture on Sunday!

Dare to become the success you were meant to be and make the first step into the new year!

SIZE: 565 MB


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Arash Dibazar – Enigma – The Principles of Zepar Contents: Videos



Size: 565 MB