Arash Dibazar – Black Blood


Black Blood

The True Expression of The Divine Male and Female Energy

What The World Needs Right Now…

Since the beginning of humanity, we as humans have always strived to evolve as a species, as a society, and as an individual. This sincere desire to grow beyond what we had at that particular moment was the spark that resulted in many of the most revolutionary, influential and mesmerizing discoveries. Today in the year 2018 we find ourselves having the most progressive knowledge of medicine, technology, entertainment and countless other areas. However, despite having all of these inventions, possibilities, and opportunities, we struggle with the very thing, that ensures life on earth: The true expression of the divine male and female energy!

You cannot afford to ignore this aspect of your life

One of the topics, that keeps coming up is: What do men need to do, to be more men and what do women need to do to be more women?

This question is a big deal, that keeps showing up. Because to the degree, that you‘re being a man, to that degree women will perceive you as attractive. To the degree, that you‘re being a woman, to that degree men will perceive you as attractive. Staying align with this natural law will make or break your relationship, causing either negativity and disappointment or fulfillment and happiness.

Let me explains: When we talk about men, there are some qualities, that a man must have. The first of them being:

A man must be honest. If you want to be perceived as a real man, having a strong posture and a powerful presence, you must have a very intimate relationship with the truth. You cannot afford to lie. To lie simply means you‘re afraid of what is, which makes you a coward. A quality, that is immediately sensed by a woman.

The relationship starts with a woman trusting the man, this is what has been missed. If a man trusts a woman, but she doesn’t trust him, they don’t have a relationship yet. But the moment a woman starts to trust a man, the relationship starts to take place.

So ask yourself:

If you’re not trusted, can we call you a powerful man?

How to gage the male and female energy:

You know what a man is by looking at him from a woman’s perspective.

We can gage what a true man is by gaging the woman’s response to him. We can’t analyze the male energy by leaving out the female energy. Because Both were meant to attract each other, bringing forth new life and evolve with each new generation.

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