Andrew Tate - Body Language

The TATE body language program allows you to understand some very important secrets.

Body language is how humans cooperate without speaking.

Evolutionary and extremely important – it’s how every person judges you before you speak a word.

After travelling to 72 countries, being attacked, obtaining beautiful women, being a world level fighter and much more – Tate has learnt how to perfectly use body language to his advantage.

You will learn:

– The secrets to being trusted and listened too.

– How to speak convincingly and be believed.

– How to lie.

– The correct way to stand, act and use your hands to attract females.

– How to make it clear to men, you are not an easy target.

– How to intimidate

– The best way to sit during an argument, or a business meeting.


SIZE: 460 MB

Contents 3 Videos

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