Hey, I’m Alex Coulson.
Since 2007, I’ve taught thousands of men how to approach and talk to women through my online videos and LIVE in-field boot camps(where I take guys out into the real world and we approach women together).

My YouTube videos have been viewed 6,702,845 million times and over 13,000 people subscribe to my channel, eagerly waiting for me to upload another video.

I have been featured on TV news programs (Today Tonight), Zoo Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, and Triple M radio station.

In 2011, I was invited to lecture at theUniversity of Southern Californiawhere I taught a class of 58 students my confidence and dating secrets.

I was a featured speaker at the Project Hollywood mansion (from “The Game”) and received an award for “Best Videos” from the PUA community.

Over 3,000+ men from all over the world have signed up for my Street Dating Revealed membership site and write rave reviews after watching my pickup videos.

Why do I tell you all this? Because there are so many guys online claiming to be dating “experts” who really aren’t. They show you NO proof that their theories actually work. I’m the real deal. And I’ll show you real proof with videos of me picking up women in the real world!

Bars and clubs are the hardest places to meet women.

You’re forced to compete with dozens of drunk, pushy guys. It’s super loud, hard to talk, and crowded. You spend a fortune on drinks, cover charge and taxicabs.

Some bars are full of bitchy, “party girls”. These girls are easily distracted and will leave you for the dance floor, drinks or the bathroom within seconds!

And if you do get a party girls phone number, she probably won’t remember you the next day, as club girls often give their number out to many guys in a night.

What if you could meet women in normal, everyday situations? What if you could meet attractive women while grabbing a coffee, picking up lunch, traveling to work, or even walking down the street?

As you’re about to see, this is completely possible. Here are 4 reasons why meeting women in the day time is better than going to bars and clubs …

  • NO competition. Most guys don’t think it’s possible to meet women during the day, so they never even try. Simply by approaching her, it shows her you are confident, which is very attractive to women!
  • NO rejection. Women are friendly, nice and polite during the day. Not defensive, bitchy or drunk like some women in bars and clubs!
  • NO flakes. If you get her number in the day time, she will definitely remember you and respond to your calls and text messages. She will probably excited to see you again!
  • Women want to meet guys in the day! Women love the romantic idea of a guy coming along and sweeping her off her feet when she least expects it. Just like in Sex and The City and Hollywood chick-flick movies!

How To Talk To Women Anywhere And

Never Run Out Of Things To Say Again

Have you ever noticed attractive women you’d like to meet … at the café, on the street, at the shopping mall and thought “I’d love to meet her” but had NO IDEA what to say?

Or maybe you were worried about sounding “creepy” or getting rejected in front of everyone and feeling embarrassed in public?

Every day, you probably allow many desirable women to walk right past you, without you even saying word. Am I right?You’re missing out on countless opportunities to meet gorgeous women, simply because you “don’t know what to say!”

What if you knew exactly, word-for-word what to say to start a conversation with women in dozens of situations? What if you could watch real-life video demonstrations of “average guys” approaching, meeting and talking to hot women in many daytime situations?

Why Reading Books And Articles Is The

SLOW Way To “Get Good” With Women

Reading “how to” books, forum posts and listening to audio’s is NOT the best way to “get good” with women. You can’t learn about body language, voice tonality, facial expressions from reading something. You’ve got to SEE a successful pickup happen, right before your eyes, if you’re going to really understand how you can do it too!

What if you could watch videos of average guys, approaching beautiful women on the street, at the café, in the park, bookstore, food court, and getting dates and numbers?

Wouldn’t watching real-life pickup videos inspire you to go out there and do it for yourself? “Seeing is believing” and when we see another guy do it, we finally believe we can too!

Now I want to introduce you to something that has already changed the lives of thousands of men around the world. You’re invited to join the “inner circle”. Introducing …

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