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Best Trading Books Of All Time

trading books

I have read over 400 trading and investing books in the past 20 years that have given me the principles of profitable trading and allowed me to make money in the markets consistently and build life changing amounts of capital. Here is a list of the ones that were most memorable, useful, and meaningful, along […]

Best Olivier’s Trading Quotes

olivier danvel

1. Buying a weak stock is like betting on a slow horse. It is retarded. 2. Stocks are only cheap if they are going higher after you buy them. 3. Never trust a person more than the market. People lie, the market does not. 4. Controlling losers is a must; let your winners run out […]

20 Insights from the Book ‘Superperformance Stocks’

super performance stock

If you read Jesse Livermore’s “How to Trade in Stocks” from 1940, Nicolas Darvas’s ‘How I made 2M in the stock market” from 1960, Richard Love’s “Superperformance Stocks” from 1977, William O’Neil’s early version of “How to make money in stocks” from the 1990s or Howard Lindzon’s “The Wallstrip Edge” from 2008, you will realize […]

Trading Lessons from The Art of War

Sun Tzu The Art Of War In Trading

Revered the world over for centuries as the essential text for warfare and battle by the ancient philosopher and general Sun Tzu (544 BC–496 BC) explains the principles for dealing with war, personal conflicts, and achieving success in the battles of life. Here are ten principles I believe we can translate to trading the markets. […]

Twitter Shares First Look at Coming NFT Integration for Profile Images

Twitter Shares First Look at Coming NFT Integration

A new article on Social Media Today reports that amid its various new updates and features in development, Twitter is also working to latch onto the rising interest in NFTs, which has seen digital artworks take on a new life of their own, generating billions in sales as users look to buy up the most […]

The Psychology of Risk For Traders

The Psychology of Risk For Traders

A risk management process for a trading system is not just math but also includes human psychology. The psychology of execution is just as important to profitability as the trading dynamics of the entries and exits of a trading method. Humans have fear, greed, and egos and these elements can interfere with the process of […]

Ray Dalio Explains His Holy Grail

Ray Dalio Explains His Holy Grail

Raymond Dalio is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. Dalio is the founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. Bloomberg ranked him as the world’s 79th wealthiest person in January 2019. Here is a video posted by Investopedia on Youtube where Ray Dalio explains how to […]

How to be a Profitable Trader in 7 Steps

How to be a Profitable Trader in 7 Steps

Is forex trading profitable? Is day trading profitable? Are commonly asked questions by new traders but the answer can be yes or no depending on how someone trades. Yes, trading is profitable if you have a positive expectancy model where the average win is bigger than the average loss over a series of trades. Profitability […]