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Mastering Forex Trading: How the Stonhill Forex 201 Advanced Course Can Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Stonhill Forex 201 Advanced Course-Download

Are you ready to elevate your forex trading skills and unlock the secrets of generating consistent profits? Look no further, as we present to you the ultimate solution – the Stonhill Forex 201 Advanced Course. In this blog post, we will delve into how this game-changing course can revolutionize your trading journey, taking your abilities […]

Unleashing Profitable Trades with Daniel Zanger’s Winning Strategy

Dan Zanger

Former swimming-pool contractor Dan Zanger must hold a trading record by having parlayed $10,775 into $18 million in the 18 months between June 1998 and December 1999. He bought CMGI in early January 1999 at $118, rode it to $305, then sold at $138* (*post 2 for 1 stock split) – after which the stock dropped to $87. The trade netted him more than 210 percent in four days. Eventually, the prop trader’s nest egg grew to $42 million – which shows how career changes can make the best swaps.

Why Discipline is More Important than Talent in Becoming a Profitable Trader

trading descipline

Discipline is one of the most important traits for any trader who wants to be successful. It is more important than talent, because even the most talented traders will not be profitable if they do not have the discipline to stick to their trading plan and manage their risk.

William J. O’Neil’s 10 Trading Principles that made him a Legend

William J O'Neil

William O’Neil is likely one of the greatest stock traders of our time. O’Neil made a large amount of money while he was only in his twenties, enough to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, he runs a successful investment advisory company to big money firms, and is also the creator […]