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English Grammar Focus – Reference Words

For more, check out: EnglishAnyone The Vault Transcripts Hello, and welcome to this month’s Grammar Focus lesson! In this month’s video, we’re looking at referring words or reference words. Referring words are words we use so that we don’t have to keep repeating things that we just mentioned. So, when your friend says, “What do you […]

Amazing English Conversations With Native Speakers

EffortlessEnglish VIP Full Program

Hi! in the below video: How to have amazing English Conversations with Native Speakers.  A.j Hoge tell you exactly what to say:   How to introduce yourself How to be instantly interesting How to connect quickly  How to make new friends What to say exactly  You can watch this video right now here: Check out more for the complete Effortless English VIP Program

Effortless English VIP – All Out

EffortlessEnglish VIP Full Program

For the complete Effortless English VIP, check out: Effortless English VIP – Full Program Download Transcript Hi, I’m AJ Hoge and welcome to this month’s VIP lesson. Many years ago I was a teacher at alanguage school in San Francisco, and I decided to start Effortless English. I decided I wantedto teach my own way. […]

English Lesson – Future continuous (affirmative)

We use the future continuous to express that something will be in process at a specific time in the future. For example:I will be sleeping when you get home.You will be visiting us during the summer holidays. The structure is: subject + will be + verb-ing (+ object). To form the negative, we simply use the negative form of will. For example:They won’t […]