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Speaking Confidently at Work: 25 Business English Phrases


Many English learners believe that using complicated words and phrases is necessary for successful business communication, but this simply isn’t the case.
Cognitive Fluency research has suggested that simpler language is far more credible.
Imagine the impact of attending a meeting where someone is spouting industry-specific jargon – it would be difficult to understand, and would make them look like they are trying too hard.
That’s why keeping your wording unambiguous and easy to comprehend should always be your top priority when speaking with clients and colleagues.
In this blog post, I’ll talk about the central aspects of business English and provide tips on how you can simplify your message, select suitable vocabulary, and communicate ideas in an efficient manner.

English Idioms for Everyday Feelings (Use Them Confidently!)

When someone uses an English idiom that you’ve never heard of before, have you ever been lost in translation?

Especially when it happens during a conversation, it can be frustrating!

You’re not alone. English idioms can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the culture and language.

In conversations, books, songs, and movies, English idioms are used all the time.

Your speech will sound more natural and fluent if you use English idioms correctly and in context.

Let me show you how to learn idioms in a way that’s easy to understand and more memorable so you’ll feel comfortable using them.

How to Speak English Confidently (About Almost Anything!)

Have you ever been unsure of what word to use in a conversation?

There is a possibility that you worry about making embarrassing grammar and pronunciation errors.

Your professional skills are high, but your English ability is low, and sometimes you feel like you’re being held back in your career.

It’s not your fault if that’s the case.

The Only English Speaking Practice That WILL Get You to Fluency


“I passed the highest level of the official Japanese English test, and I studied in the United States.” According to the politician’s brochure… As I was playing with my family at a park in Nagasaki, Japan, a local Japanese politician came over and greeted us. There were about twelve families at the park that day. […]

Top 8 Common Mistakes in English

top 8 mistakes in English

It is common for learners to make the following mistakes in English due to its diversity and extensiveness. Even native speakers have difficulty handling it at times. The following list outlines common mistakes in English that you too may often make without realizing that they are errors. Phonemes mixed up Languages may have certain sounds, […]

STOP Studying English to Speak English Fluently?


To Speak English Fluently, STOP Studying English?!

How The Secret To Success Often Comes From Doing The UNEXPECTED…

A man who owned a clothing store wanted his son to take over (phrasal verb meaning to control something).

In order to learn how to sell clothes, he told his son to come to the store.

While the son was eager to run the shop, he wasn’t interested in learning how to sell.

12 Myths That Stop You From Speaking English Fluently

how to speak english fluently

Because there is so much conflicting advice about fluency available, many English learners are confused about how to improve. I will bust some myths around language learning that are keeping you from expressing yourself if you are feeling shy about your English, or if you are worried about how to get to the next level.