Why English Learners Freeze

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Something very interesting happened on the vacation I just got back from…

My family and I were on a local Japanese island, and at a restaurant, some of the staff were from Nepal.

One Nepalese woman who showed us to our table spoke Japanese very well.

She was friendly, confident, and had good pronunciation…

Until I asked her in Japanese what she thought of Nagasaki.

At that point, I saw a flash of fear in her eyes as she tried to think of the words to express herself.

She had clearly been well trained in the specific phrases she needed for work, but I guess didn’t know much Japanese beyond that.

I smiled, thanked her and she hurried back to work.

Many English learners tell me they can speak well about some topics, but not others.

This makes sense because most English lessons teach you to give specific responses to common questions.

So if there’s ever anything outside of a topic a learner knows, they freeze.

Of course, it’s impossible to know EVERY word and be prepared for EVERY situation…

Even native speakers can’t speak with authority about topics they know nothing about.

But natives DO know how to use even a limited vocabulary in different ways so they always have something to say.

The key to staying calm and confident in conversations to understand English like a native

This means you understand vocabulary as a native does to explain the same situation with different words, as needed, so you always have a way to express yourself.

The fastest way to build a vocabulary that you can “mix and match” easily, so you never get stuck in conversations, is with phrasal verbs

Learn phrasal verbs the right way and you can very quickly build a “dynamic” vocabulary to automatically explain almost anything!

If you ever get stuck in conversations because you can’t find the right words, this is for you:

English Conversation Practice

You know you’re fluent when you can speak about the things you weren’t taught in school. 🙂

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