What You Can Do To Improve Your Memory And Forget Less At School Or University

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How Do You Spend Your Study Time?

Reflecting on the amount of time you devote to studying, you may find that a great portion is taken up by relearning and revising facts you have forgotten. The solution, which may sound improbable, is to make sure you don’t need to review material in the first place. This will prove more profitable than any other study technique. No matter how well you use active recall, spaced repetition or flashcards, if things keep slipping your mind, you’ll be conveniently wasting countless hours every school year just refreshing your memory.

After learning something once, if you can maximise your RETENTION, you’ll rarely need to study it again because you’ve retained most of it.

Dr Justin Sung

The System Has Conditioned Us

You never ‘study’ things outside of school. Think outside the academic context. You could read your favorite book series once or binge an entire season of a Netflix show in one night and still have a full-on discussion about every character months later. There are a lot of things you know, and you retain a lot of them.

When you study, you don’t