The Villain – The Ultimate Guide To Motivation

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Motivation is key.

The problem is, it’s not always there when you need it. Some days you wake up pumped and ready for the world and some days you don’t.

Without motivation you won’t make progress in the gym.

Without motivation you won’t grow your business.

Without motivation you won’t get too far with any worthwhile dream in this life.

Art of Self Motivation

To make any dream a reality you must learn the art of getting things done without needing motivation. The art of DOING THE WORK.

How does one achieve this?

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We are competitive creatures. We like to win. We like to come out on top and this is the first step to getting things done without needing to be motivated.

What Makes a Movie Great?

Every movie has a few elements that make it a movie. They have a Hero and Villain with stuff in between that builds up to an epic fight.

The hero has to save the day.

In our daily lives we have the hero and the villain the hero wants to do the right thing, but the villain stops them from doing it. Your Hero is Motivation and your Villain is procrastination.

These two will guide your life and determine whether you will be successful or not.

To be honest when you think about it life is simple if you want to be successful do the opposite of what you’re doing now.

If you want the fit body stop eating the wrong food and start getting some exercise. If you want more money, figure out what you are wasting money on right now and find out how to make more.

We have to be the hero in our story.

The Ultimate Villain

In order for you to be motivated without motivation you need a villain. We all want to be the Hero in our stories, but in order to be the hero we need to beat the villain.

So who is the villain? The better YOU

Right now I want you to take a moment and close your eyes and see the best version of you. The well dresses, fit and making the most money version of you. The one who takes action, speaks up and goes for their goals.

Sit right now and see that person in your mind’s eyes.

Now I want you to see yourself right now next to that person. Now look at your villain and see them mocking you because you can’t be like them. Feel the shame of the better you on the other side.

Now I want you to feel a little rage because that person stunting on you.

Now capture this person in your minds eye and as you do this write down a list of things this person does that you don’t which make them into the great person they are.

Really create this list. Write down as much things as you can think about.

Becoming a Machine

When you’ve completed the list I want you do something simple.

Start doing what’s on the list.

Everyday you’re going to wake up and compete with the best version of you. You are going to get mad with them and do whatever it takes to beat them everyday.

This is what I do. I wake up at 5am to workout because the better version of me has already done his workout and is laughing at me.

I keep pushing in my business because the better version of me is pushing harder and making more each and everyday. I have to beat him I can’t let them beat me.

I keep competing with them because I know I can be better.

What this does is it helps to motivate you without needing to be motivated all the time. Day by day you’ll find yourself taking more action daily trying to beat the better version of you.

By doing this you avoid being mean to other people because the person you’re trying to beat is you.

Focus on beating YOU. Dig into this and the feeling of inadequacy because the better you is doing better.

Once you do you’ll step your game and your business up.

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