Native English Speaking – The secret I shared

In a surprise live video this week about native English speaking and English fluency on Facebook, I answered a bunch of great questions from students.

I talked about pronunciation, listening, grammar, and how to learn like a native so you speak like one.

This idea about learning like a native can be confusing for some students…

Others think it’s impossible.

So let me make this clear for you:

Learning like a native has NOTHING to do with a particular location or accent…

All it means is that you learn English directly, without explanations or translations that stop you from developing fluency.

Many learners understand this idea, but still struggle to speak because they forget to REVIEW what they learn like natives do.

Many adult English students think native English-speaking children have some learning advantage.

But the truth is kids are just happier to REVIEW what they learn.

Think about how many times kids can watch the same YouTube video without feeling bored.

So what I explained in the live video is that you build fluency most easily when you enjoy review

When you see the same thing again and again, but it’s a bit different each time, you learn more and build fluency.

That’s why I created The Fluency Course:

It lets you learn like a native AND review in an entertaining way so you develop your speaking skills. 🙂

If you’d rather do this yourself, look for different native content about the same topic, like three YouTube videos from different creators about:

how to fix the same kind of car,

or how to bake a cake,

or groom a dog,

or whatever you’re interested in.

The “formula” for fluency works no matter what you learn.

Vocabulary and grammar are just seeds

They need water and care to grow. 🙂

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