The future of local marketing: Promote your business and convert customers for life

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A new article on reports that in an exclusive live webinar, you can learn how messaging has evolved over the last decade, and how customer preferences impact local businesses.

With a 98% open rate vs. email’s average open rate of 18%, it’s obvious that mobile continues to change our expectations and how we want to interact with businesses. You might assume that this only impacts e-commerce retailers or even big-box chains, but the fact is the same people who are trying–and preferring–these new options are coming into local businesses every day.

That said, unfortunately, only a fraction of local businesses use text as a marketing tool, even though those same local businesses are uniquely situated to connect with customers in a way digital companies can’t compete with.

This webinar offers the chance to join experts from Podium as they unveil findings from more than 1,000 consumers who shared their sentiment and familiarity with texting local businesses and how ripe the opportunity is for those businesses who leverage it.

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