Digital Marketing Checklist – Checklist 1 – Product Idea Guide

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Step 1 – List Your Skills

List your skills asking yourself what you’ve made money in, what you’ve learned, what you can teach, what interests you the most.

Examples: SEO, Copywriting, Graphics, WordPress, List Building, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Product Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, CPA, Offline Consulting, Software, Management, Outsourcing, PLR, Health, Fitness, Coaching, etc..

Step 2 – Do Your Market Research

Visit the sites below and checkout the recent top sellers.

Examples: Video, Traffic, SEO, PLR, Email Marketing, Fiverr, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook, WordPress Plugins

Step 3 – Getting That Idea

From the skills you`ve listed above and the research you`ve done, list what products you think are missing in the marketplace or what product you think you could do a better job in creating.

Examples: The 100 Leads Per Day Facebook Method – List Building To 5,000 In 2 Months

The Biggest Mistake List Builders Make – JvZoo Tips & Tricks – Membership Site Secrets

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Step 4 – Create Your Funnel

Now that you’ve an idea what your front end product could be. List possible upsells you can add to the sales funnel.

Examples for Information products: Video training, advanced topics, templates, etc

Examples for PLR products: PLR videos, installations service, membership, coaching.

Examples for Software products: Multi-site, developer, white label, limited features, etc.

Examples for Offline / Consulting products: Video training, membership, consulting.

** For more ideas check the Product Creation – Sales Funnel Checklist

Step 5 – Set Your Timescale To Complete

Now that you’ve an idea what your front end product could be. List possible upsells you can add to the sales funnel.

— List Everything You Need To Complete & Give It A Timeframe –

Product Creation Front EndEx. 10 Days
Product Creation UpsellsEx. 7 Days
JV Page / JV RecruitmentEx. 3 Days
Membership Area SetupEx. 2 Days
Sales Page & Upsell CopyEx. 14 Days
Sales Page & Upsell DesignsEx. 10 Days
Pre launch AdvertisingEx. 7 Days

TOTALEx 53 Days

From start to finish 53 days is a realist time to complete a product. Keep in mind the project size so this example timeframe may be less or greater. Also keep in mind you can work on various things at once, outsource and streamline.

Step 6 – Plan Your Launch

The biggest reason many product creators fail is not setting a deadline for completion. Add up the number of days you think if you take to complete the project and set a launch day.

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