Phishing scams in Google Ads led searchers to fake crypto wallets

googles new logo

A new article on Search Engine Land reports that those who were duped lost over half a million dollars by cryptocurrency scammers. Those who are new to cryptocurrency may not totally understand how every aspect of virtual currency works. Many will go to Google and other search engines to search for things like “What is cryptocurrency?” “How […]

A Short Interview With Jimmy Balodimas ( Hedge Fund Market wizards) By Jack D Schwager

hedge fun market wizards

How much did they start you out with? I don’t remember the exact amount, but I remember that I made $350,000 in my first year, $800,000 in my second, over $1 million in my third, and I never looked back. Do you ever use fundamentals? No, never. There was a three-year period when I had […]

How did Jamie Mai and Charlie Ledley turn $110,000 into $12 million and then $130 million by using value investment method?

Jamie Charlie From The Big Short

Lesson learned from Jamie Mai and Charlie Ledley of “The Big Short” Early 2003, Jamie Mai and Charlie Ledley, a pair of thirty-year-old men, Cornwall Capital Management, Schwab account containing $110,000, neither had made actual investment decisions, they decided, would not merely search for market inefficiency but search for it globally, in every market: stocks, […]

How Does Gaslighting Look Like?

How does Gaslighting look like

This is what gaslighting looks like.Inflation this year was about 6%, meaning $100 last year would be worth roughly $94 this year.And yet they’re telling you to “invest” in vehicles that give you at most between 1 and 2%, maybe 3 if you’re lucky.Edit for clarification: those top investments are precisely the ones governments and […]

Meta is Reportedly Planning to Open Retail Stories to Sell VR, AR and Other Digital Connection Tools

Meta Planets

A new article on Social Media Today reports that with Facebook – or Meta as its parent brand is now known – gradually expanding its catalog of physical products, it makes sense that the company would also be considering physical stores as well, as a means to better showcase its next-level hardware designs. According to The New […]

Pinterest Launches New Holiday Marketing Hub to Assist with Your Campaign Planning

pin holidays

A new article on Social Media Today reports that Pinterest has updated its holiday marketing hub for 2021, with a range of new resources and reference points to help optimize your Pin campaigns for the end-of-year push. With eCommerce sales set to hit record highs in the period, Pinterest is well-placed to drive big results, with the […]

Linda Bradford Raschke – 50 Time Tested Classic Stock Trading Rules

linda bradford raschke

1. Plan your trades. Trade your plan. 2. Keep records of your trading results. 3. Keep a positive attitude, no matter how much you lose. 4. Don’t take the market home. 5. Continually set higher trading goals. 6. Successful traders buy into bad news and sell into good news. 7. Successful traders are not afraid […]

Driving marketing at scale: Moving from a decentralized to centralized model

Driving marketing at scale Moving from a decentralized to centralized model

A new article on reports that the classic conundrum of when to centralize or decentralize marketing functions continues to challenge marketing leaders, especially those in fast growth companies. The author says that marketing organizations in fast growth companies are like that voice -cracking, pimple-speckled teenaged who’s just hit their growth spurt. Your all-hands-on-deck/jack-of-all-trades marketing […]

Expanded text ads are disappearing: Don’t disappear with them

googles new logo

A new article on Search Engine Land reports that with a little less than eight months until the change becomes effective, there is plenty of time to make sure that your Google Ads accounts are in tip-top shape. You may have heard that Google is soon phasing out the tried-and-true expanded text ads (ETAs) that have widely […]

Eleven Things You Really Must Know About Google’s 200+ Ranking Factors

Eleven Things You Really Must Know About Googles 200 Ranking Factors

A new article on Search Engine Journal asks if Google really does have 200 ranking factors? Here are eleven things we know for sure, based on statements from Google itself. The author says that keeping up with Google ranking factors has never been more challenging. Google is updating its algorithm at unprecedented rates. Something that didn’t impact […]