Ten Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

content marketing

A new infographic on Search Engine Journal shows content marketing trends you’ll want to have on your radar as you strategize for a successful 2022. Dramatic changes in consumers’ behavior and informational needs caused by the pandemic have been driving content marketing trends and opportunities through the roof. As consumers shifted online en masse and the world […]

Fifty-seven SEO Insights From Google’s John Mueller

Fifty seven SEO Insights From Googles John Mueller

A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that you can brush up on your SEO knowledge with this comprehensive collection of insights from Google Search Advocate John Mueller. As Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller shares so many SEO insights it would be a fulltime job to keep up. Each of these snack-sized servings of Google insider […]

How to Read Candlestick Charts

candlestick cheat sheet

A candlestick is a type of chart used in trading as a visual representation of past and current price action in specified timeframes. Depending on the timeframe of the chart each candlestick consists of each minute, day, week, or month trading range represented in a single candle. A candlestick consists of the ‘body’ with an […]

Understanding the Trading Psychology of Support and Resistance

support and resistance

In studying a chart for any liquid instrument, traders will observe that prices usually move in a series of peaks and valleys. The direction of these peaks and valleys provide us with a lot of valuable information about price action and direction. They also help us in determining the direction of a trend and levels […]

Millionaire Mindset

secrets of millionaire mindset

In the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset, author T. Harv Eker shows readers the big difference between how millionaires think versus people with a poor mindset. Wealth starts in the mind, regardless of your circumstances your financial future will be more in line with your thoughts and actions. Many people start from humble beginnings […]

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads: Six Key Considerations For Budgeting

facebook vs instagram ads

A new article on Search Engine Journal asks where should you allocate your social ads budget, to Facebook or Instagram? Learn how to evaluate based on your goals. Despite the rebranding as Meta – the company formerly known as Facebook – advertising options on Facebook and Instagram are expected to remain as we know them for the […]

How Unilever and other marketers work to avoid greenwashing

How Unilever and other marketers work to avoid greenwashing

A new article on Marketing Dive reports that the CPG giant’s chief digital and marketing officer said a gap exists between consumer attitudes and actions around sustainability because of confusion and complexity. The author says that increased consumer attention toward climate change and the environment continues to make sustainability a priority for companies across industries, even amid […]