Marketing in the Metaverse: The Future of Search & Social

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that the metaverse is poised for rapid growth that will open up opportunities for marketers. Here’s what you need to know.

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Imagine accessing a virtual universe where you can create an entire world, bringing your physical world experiences with you. It was only thirty years ago that the internet became publicly available, and twenty years ago that many businesses realized that a website was a necessity for marketing. Now, virtual reality experts predict that 58.9 million and 93.3 million people in the United States will use VR and AR respectively at least once a month this year — that’s 17.7% and 28.1% of the total US population, respectively.

Seven Quick Metaverse Facts

  • One: Google Trends shows a significant climb in people searching the term metaverse in the last 12 months, hitting the 100 mark in March.
  • Two: Top-tier media are all in. Forbes has a weekly round-up covering all corners of the metaverse news written by tech futurist and metaverse strategist Cathy Hackl.
  • Three: There’s a fund. Matthew Ball, a media analyst and co-founder of the metaverse Investment Fund Metaverse ATF (NYSE: META) published The Metaverse Primer, a primer in 9 free essays that is a good starting point and someone to follow.
  • Four: Chief Metaverse Officer and other metaverse titles. Search LinkedIn for the keyword “metaverse,” and you will find about 2700 results of people using metaverse in their profile title, headline, or experience.
  • Five: Google News shows 175,000 search results for the keyword “metaverse news.”
  • Six: On Twitter, #metaverse gets about 500+/- Tweets an hour depending on the news cycle.
  • Seven: Instagram shows more than 43K posts using #metaverse. Once known as a mobile photo-sharing app, Instagram insiders hint at a shift from photos to videos as the charge towards the metaverse marches on.
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