How To Make 20K A Month In Online Marketing

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How to make $20,000+ EVERY month…

If you’re not already hitting your monthly or yearly income goal, then there’s literally NOT a single reason as to why you shouldn’t keep reading this…

Alright, so first things first, you need to set the goal of earning $20,000/month and that it’s an achievable number, not just some far fetched dream that you have, mindset over everything.

The only difference between a REAL and a far fetched goal is all in how you wrap your mind around it. Most people will set a goal to hit a certain amount per year, but won’t actually take it seriously, because they don’t really believe it’s possible.

That being said, for this first step, you gotta get serious about $20k/month.

Once you visualize it and believe in it, then we can move onto step 2…

The second thing you need to do, and it’s important as the first step, is do the ******* math!

So many people fail because they haven’t bothered to do the math.

So let’s get into it then:

$20,000 month = $666/day

$666/day = $83.25/hour (assuming you work 8 hours a day)

Once you’ve done the math, you need to calculate how many sales you need to make that amount of money every month.

Let’s say your average sale makes you $200. In order to hit that $666/day you need to close 3 to 4 sales.

How many calls/conversations does it take to close 3 sales in a day?

Let’s say it takes you 10 conversations to close a sale, your daily goal is 30 to 40 conversations a day. Every day that you don’t make 30 conversations, you’re telling yourself you don’t want $20k/month

Those numbers might seem absolutely insane because they are, but let’s look a little deeper…

Instead of making $200 per sale, let’s say you’re making $1k per sale, you only need to make 1 sale every couple of days to hit that $20k… bringing the number of conversations you need to have every day down to half compared to what it was before!

This is exactly how I managed to clear six-figures in 4 months starting from nothing. I set a goal, targets, did the math, and focused on the daily work, not the big number!

The way to make a goal a reality is to break down the goal into logical and consumable amounts of money, as simple as that!

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