How to Create a Winning Content Strategy by Combining GA4 with a BI Tool

A new article on Search Engine Journal says that learning how consolidating your marketing data in one place can empower you to create a successful data-driven content strategy.

The author says that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) made its official debut in October 2020. This isn’t the first time Google has published a major update. We’ve seen new iterations roll out in 2005 (Urchin), 2007 (Classic), 2012 (Universal), and now the latest in 2020. Google Analytics on its own can be a challenge; that’s why this article will discuss using GA4 with Business Intelligence (BI) tools for better analysis and tracking in your content strategy:

  1. Know Your Foundation & Set Your Goals: Before talking to your audience, think: What content should you create? What topics? What is your industry expertise? What sets your brand apart? Then, create content that will position your brand as an expert.
  2. Know Your Audience & Positioning: Once you know your differentiation factor, you can study your audience. Get to know their interests, likes, dislikes. Speak directly to them in your content, then analyze audience engagement and tailor your approach to keep them engaged.
  3. Research & Find Keywords: Use keyword research to find not only the keywords you are ranking for, but the keywords you should be ranking for. Start by looking at your Search Console performance report to find the keywords you rank for and pages you’re ranking with.
  4. Build Authority Through Content & Published FormatsContent brings authority, but first, you need clarity. Define your content formats (ebook, blog, video, etc.) and decide how comprehensive and deep you want to go into each one. Building great content creates a direct correlation to authority and recognition in your industry.
  5. Get Consistent At Creating & Publishing: A HubSpot study on 7,000 businesses found that companies with 1,000+ webpages see 9.5x more traffic than companies with under 50 pages. B2B companies with 9-15 blog posts every month had 2x the inbound traffic of B2Bs publishing just once or twice per month. You must get consistent at publishing great content to build results that you can go back, study, and work from.
  6. Maintain Your Strategy With a Calendar, Post-Publishing Promotion Strategy & Content Budget: To keep a good strategy going: you need a budget upfront, with agreement from every party involved, so every month doesn’t end in a scramble and missing out on lead-driving content. You need a calendar to regularly develop topics that will bring in leads. And all of this is useless without a promotion strategy (i.e., blogs emailed to subscribers, Facebook retargeting ads, etc).