How do you speak with an American accent?

English Pronunciation Course By A.J Hoge

When people think of a ‘American accent’, they often think of received pronunciation (RP). In reality, there isn’t just one American accent – it is estimated that there are over 40!

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that there is just a ‘Western accent’ and a ‘Eastern accent’, when actually there is a wide variety of accents spanning across the entirety of the United States. It’s incredible that such a small area can have such a wide variety of accents.

However, when teaching English pronunciation to learners of English as a foreign language, a ‘model accent’ is considered necessary for learners to aim at, and to act as a basis for description in textbooks and classroom materials. RP is the ‘model accent’ that you’ll find in most American English dictionaries and textbooks.

In the pronunciation course A.J Hoge teach students how to improve their pronunciation so they can speak clearly, and be easily understood. He teaches modern received pronunciation, his accent, which shares some similarities with estuary English.

We’ll take a deep look at the sounds that comprise modern received pronunciation, and analyse and practice them one by one. He also teaches you about rhythm, stress, intonation, and many other elements of pronunciation.

Here’s a video example of A.J Hoge’s Pronunciation Course:

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