Google Just Announced its New Ads Creative Studio

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Google has just announced the launch of a new, collaborative ad creation tool. Here’s what we know so far!

Google just announced a new tool for creative advertising called “Ads Creative Studio.” It aims to unify multiple creative tools:

  • Director Mix (A tool that allows brands to create video assets at scale, which previously wasn’t available to all advertisers.)
  • Dynamic Display & HTML5 creation tools
  • Audio Mixer and Dynamic Audio tools
  • A Project Library

Ads Creative Studio should make it easier to build out multiple content pieces. There will be separate libraries for assets, like building blocks for ads, and the project library, where the creators collaborate on ad creation. Thanks to the asset library, asset management will become more streamlined. It can allow for one team to manage the raw assets, while another uses them to create advertisements.

On the other hand, one team could use the raw assets to make display ads while another uses them to make YouTube ads, and keeping everything in one place would make it easier to ensure that everyone is pulling from the same approved set of assets.

For teams out there with stringent brand guidelines, the brand and creative teams may prefer to create the full assets and then pass them over to the media team. The beauty of this tool is that, since it is separate of the media platforms and tools, it should be low risk to allow creative managers edit access. In that scenario, they would then hand the ads over to the media teams to implement once they were finalized.

Ads will also be available to be used across projects once created. Advertisers can still create dynamic display assets in both Display & Video 360 and Google Ads, if they prefer.

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