Five Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting and How to Improve Them

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Facebook advertising is one of the best tools available but even experienced digital marketers can run into these challenging issues.

The author says that if your Facebook advertising campaign isn’t generating enough conversions, there are some creative fixes that can significantly increase your conversion rate. Facebook advertising, in conjunction with PPC advertising, is a powerful tool with a tremendous ROI. But to generate a return, you need sales. Here are five possible reasons why your Facebook advertising campaign isn’t generating enough conversions and some creative fixes to significantly increase your conversion rate:

  • You Don’t Have Enough Audience Data: Unlike Google Ads, Facebook Audiences require you to make judgment calls about your customers and to complete the research up front, before creating a campaign. Here, you can start off with about half a million impressions at a modest spend and gather some valuable engagement data, such as who is clicking on your ads and what people, if any, are converting.
  • Your Targeting Parameters Need More Optimization: The most important part of any campaign is audience creation. Unfortunately, poorly optimized targeting parameters could mean wasted ad spend. Many businesses go too broad in their targeting and don’t properly account for device usage. To cut down on targeting errors and hyper-focus your parameters, create a buyer persona and upload all of the relevant details you can into your custom audiences.
  • Facebook Users Aren’t Shoppers: Unlike with Google Ads, Facebook users are not using the platform to shop. They are using Facebook to interact with friends and family and share content. You’ve probably engaged with a sponsored post but not actually made a purchase plenty of times. Maybe you purchased from the brand later, but most people aren’t necessarily intent on making a purchase when they click on your ad, especially from a mobile device. When conversions are low, consider using Facebook lead ads, video ads, or even dynamic ads for ways to get people into your funnel.
  • You Aren’t Segmenting Ad Campaigns: Your ad creative and messaging will only apply to certain segments of your audience. If your ads are driving a lot of impressions but few clicks and even fewer conversions, consider implementing A/B split testing. Creating separate audiences based on different conversion goals and previous engagement can help you create hyper-targeted messages that resonate more.
  • The Problems Run Deeper in Your Funnel: If people are clicking on your ads and not converting, there could be problems with your website or landing page that run deeper than your ad copy. Issues could arise from inconsistent messaging, poor UX and loading times, thin content, or unappealing value offer. Track your conversions using the conversion pixel and your bounce rate using Google Analytics.
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