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Chasing Rainbows

Chasing rainbows means to attempt something very difficult or impossible. Will our new restaurant succeed or are we just chasing rainbows?

Golden Opportunity

A Golden opportunity is an ideal or perfect chance. Being invited on a TV show is a golden opportunity to promote our products.

Brown Noser

A brown noser is a person who does nice things for superiors to gain advantage or status. That student does everything for his teacher. He’s such a brown noser!


To be green is to be immature or new at something. The rookie baseball player is really green! In The Black To be in the black means to profitable or successful. That company sold a million books and is now in the black.

In The Red

To be in the red means to be in debt or unprofitable. The company has lost so much money that it’s in the red.

Out Of The Blue

Something that comes out of the blue is surprising. That squid just came out of the blue and really scared me!

A White Lie

A white lie is an innocent lie told to protect someone’s feelings. I told my wife a white lie that I really liked the meal she cooked.

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