English Lesson – Future continuous (affirmative)

We use the future continuous to express that something will be in process at a specific time in the future. For example:
will be sleeping when you get home.
will be visiting us during the summer holidays.

The structure is: subject + will be + verb-ing (+ object).

To form the negative, we simply use the negative form of will. For example:
They won’t beeating at my restaurant tonight.
The structure is: subject + won’t be + verb-ing (+ object).

To ask if something will be happening at some time in the future, we move will before the subject of the sentence. For example:
Will she be staying at your place tonight?
The structure is: Will + subject + be + verb-ing (+ object)?

Now, practice what you’ve learned by reading this article:

5 Travel Experiences to Reconnect with Yourself

As many countries begin to relax their travel laws again, a lot of us are planning our next big adventure. In today’s article, Marc highlights 5 locations to help you catch the travel bug.

Travelling is one of the primary reasons why students want to learn English because a proper language comprehension will allow you to live a real experience and interact with locals and their traditions. 

I believe certain travel experiences are not only a trip but a journey to rediscover yourself through unique and ancient landscapes. So even if you won’t be travelling any time soon, there’s no harm in planning your next life-changing trip.

Let’s discover 5 travel experiences I would highly recommend to anyone looking for something much deeper than just a trip.

1. Sleep under the stars in the Wadi Rum

Also known as the Valley of the Moon, in Jordan, this experience offers you one of the most unique views on earth by sleeping under the bright stars of the desert. The silence and immensity of the environment is going to overwhelm you.

2. Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Japan’s cherry blossom season famously begins in April and lasts for around two weeks. The best places to see the blush-tinted blooms are in Maruyama Park, Mount Yishino, Himeji Castle and Fuji Five Lakes. The harmony of the natural spectacle combining colours, the smell of fresh blossoms and the balanced Japanese culture will clear your mind and help you to de-stress.

3. Igloo experience in Finland

You are going to enjoy matchless nights under the Northern Lights inside a glass igloo building. Located on the shores of Lake Ranuanjärvi, right on the Arctic Circle, each of its glass-domed rooms offers cosy beds, warm fur throws, a private sauna, en-suite bathroom and even a small kitchenette. What else do you need to feel you are at the end of the world?

4. From town to town in Tuscany, Italy

Many come in search of fine art, others to explore the extraordinary countryside. Gourmets and wine buffs descend on Tuscany to enjoy the simple yet wonderful cuisine and wine. Whatever the reason, Tuscany in Italy is a unique land of contrasts that will bring you strong new energy and allow you to disconnect from everything you need and connect again with your inner self.

5. Forest Cabins, Wisconsin, USA

What about the experience of getting lost in the woods? This practice is becoming very common in the USA, Sweden and Finland. In Wisconsin, the idea is creating very cozy and practical cabins in the best spots of the Ocooch Mountains. For sure you will breathe fresh air and find yourself again through the solitude and contact with nature. 

Which trip would you choose to help you disconnect? Do you have any other recommendations?

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