Bitcoin VLOG – BTC back down to 30k again I guess!

BTC continues to trade in this descending triangle pattern, currently I see a rejection of the 35k to 35.5k upper trend line , indicates it could possibly range back downwards to 30k to 31k.

We could test this 35k mark for a bit longer, we are approaching the end of this pattern which could bring volatility as we saw at the end of the recent symmetrical triangle.

Its quickly approaching truth time for BTC , I’m trying to implement slight bearish bias here due to recent few months of price action, but I also don’t want to overdo it, important to take what the market gives.

Its a descending triangle with recent significant bearish price action, so I’m leaning towards significant break below 30k.

BUT, as I just said, lets see what the market thinks. I will be scalping but wont be taking on any big positions.

MY PREDICTION = Rejects 35k area, range back down to middle of range over next 24 hours.

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