A Short Interview With Jimmy Balodimas ( Hedge Fund Market wizards) By Jack D Schwager

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How much did they start you out with?

I don’t remember the exact amount, but I remember that I made $350,000 in my first year, $800,000 in my second, over $1 million in my third, and I never looked back.

Do you ever use fundamentals?

No, never. There was a three-year period when I had fundamental analysts working for me, but I found it very difficult to match up their views with my timing. I trusted my own work much more. It was a distraction. Fundamentals were not something I wanted to commit more time to. I wanted to spend my time mastering my discipline and focusing on what was going on with me emotionally that was causing me to make certain choices. That is where the real curiosity was for me. Trading is a great mirror into myself. It doesn’t make any difference how much money I lose or make; I am not going to be sad or happy.

– Jimmy Balodimas ( Hedge Fund Market wizards)

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