A New Report Looks at Influencer Payment Expectations, With Results Based on Audience Size and the P

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A new article on Social Media Today asks what should you expect to pay an influencer for an Instagram or TikTok post promoting your product? It’s a gray area, and the original article provides some real insights.

As most of us will already be all too aware of, there can be a massively significant variance in what each individual creator may charge for their services. But help is at hand. In order to provide some more context for your planning, influencer connection platform Intellifluence recently conducted a survey of 1,249 influencers from the US, Canada, and the UK. The intent was to glean more insight into respondents’ individual compensation expectations, which could really go a long way to help in your planning.

Researchers asked those survey what type of compensation they prefer – cash payment, cash and product or just products in return. ‘Product and Cash’ was the top choice, so if you’re planning your influencer outreach, it’s likely worth this being your main offering – though again, individual expectations will vary.

  • For smaller-scale influencers, which covers the category of up to 1,000 followers, you’ll likely be looking at a charge of around $193 per post, on average, while creators with more than 80k followers will generally charge more than $1,000 per update.
  • The pricing, despite the category splits, is still largely defined by audience size, with the first category (Peer/Authoritative) covering creators with up to 20k followers, while the second segment covers those with 850k followers or more.
  • Interestingly, the data for TikTok is actually pretty close to YouTube – which could sway your thinking somewhat. In reality, these two platforms are in their own sphere, separate from other apps in many respects.
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