A.J Hoge – WATCH THIS EVERY DAY To Program Yourself For English FLUENCY & SUCCESS

What are the ways you can break negative patterns that prevent you from succeeding?

What are the ways you program yourself to become fluent in English?

Negative self-talk plagues you

Your limiting beliefs are: “I’m busy, English is too tough, I’m tired, I’m frustrated.”

When I try to speak, I get nervous…

I don’t speak fluently…

English bores me.’

Is it possible to break that pattern in a way that works… that is effective…

Now it’s EASY to do

IF YOU THINK your thoughts are wrong

YOU THINK that your feelings are valid

You decide your destiny, your results, your life…

If 90% of your daily thoughts are about

The same as yesterday…

Your feelings, your emotions… your emotional habits

Every day is basically the same…

If that’s the case, your life won’t change much.

It’s because you feel the same way and think the same way.

Change your emotions, change your thoughts, change your results,… to change your life.

Emotions are the beginning of everything.

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