Bitcoin, Mainstream Media Disinformation Campaigns!

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In recent times especially as Bitcoin began with its volatile movements to the up and downside from the 8th January till today, there is a meaningful discrepancy between mainstream media news and the actual Bitcoin price-action development. Such a pattern has already existed in the past and since the beginning of 2021 it became very clear.

Always when the market was at a major low or high in the structure, mainstream media reported into the other direction. Not every news agency is reporting like this within the cryptocurrency market. However, there are some, especially from mainstream media, not only focusing on cryptocurrency that clearly inhabits such patterns.

This development goes hand in hand with the Wyckoff distribution that was seen since the 8th of January as big players and smart money operators want to affect public opinion about the direction of Bitcoin while underlyingly distributing their shares while on the other side it is the same with the Wyckoff Accumulation. Therefore, taking a closer look into the news of CNBC, there are positive bullish news and negative bearish news always when important bullish or bearish reversal-points contributed within Bitcoins schedule.

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As when looking at the chart you can watch there the main bullish news marked in green and the main bearish news marked in red. At these days there was always a lot of greed or fear in the market, greed meaning much news where released in a bullish direction, and fear meaning a lot of news were released in a bearish direction.

A remarkable day was also the 15Th April, this was the day where Bitcoin finally developed its all-time-high and a massive enthusiasm came up, in this day many many bullish news where released while it was the actual day of a heavy reversal to the downside. The same pattern is marked on the other reversal days also.

Taking all these factors into the consideration it is always necessary to do not sough up everything that mainstream media says because it is a clear profile of misleading the public while deliberately moving into the other direction. Traders need to focus on their own determinations to come up with the most possible scenarios to consider not relying on pure news as they can be really misleading. Even when with all this data at hand and the news behind each reversal point such a news indication can be used as a potential counter-indication. However, it should not be the main factor to rely on.

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Especially on the major highs in the structure seen at the 22th February, 13 March and 14 April the bullish news accelerated heavily and new people came to the surface calling Bitcoin to move to record highs of 250.000 USD of a kind which is a really unrealistic approach and feeds the hope of investors moving at this point into the market while big players and smart money selling their shares or even enter short positions at these points.

One could argue that this is all just coincidence and that the people who write the articles just publish by their own thoughts which can be also not always exactly precisely however when looking at the data it becomes clearer that this can not be a pure coincidence when the high accuracy the news marked a final contra-indication in the actual price action.

It is necessary to be aware of such developments and how they affect markets and investor behaviors, it is clear that such news campaigns moving simultaneously with the Wyckoff concept of distribution and accumulation which is approved as big players and smart money operating to either distribute or accumulate at the best possible prices while trapping the public. As traders we should be aware of such dynamics to be rightly prepared on it.

In this manner, thank you for watching my analysis about BITCOIN and underlying mainstream media disinformation campaigns, great when you support it with a like and follow or comment for more market insight!

Information provided is only educational and should not be used to take action in the market.


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