Biggest mistakes of new affiliate marketers!

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Here’s one of the biggest mistakes any new affiliate marketer can and will make when they first start out.

Some even keep making this same mistake for weeks, months, and years with no results.

I will start this off so feel free to add your insights and opinions.

One of the biggest mistakes any new affiliate marketer can make is to think that they can register for a: website
2. Free funnel builder
3. Free autoresponder

And start marketing for free by spamming forums, blogs, and other places and get any good results.

If you are doing this, STOP IT.

Affiliate marketing is a real business and you have to invest both time and money.

One of my mentors said this and it’s very true:

It takes money to make money

If someone tells you other wise, they are lying to you.

You have to invest some money in tools to get the ball rolling.

Here’s another mistake new affiliate marketers make and this is a big one…..

They market low ticket products that can range from $7 to $25.

You can’t build a business like this. If you are promoting these types of commissions based products that are bringing you low commissions, stop it.

Top affiliates work with products that have multiple commissions in the “funnel”.

Your customer decides to buy what ever you are selling/recommending and you earn, let’s say $7.

Now that they just bought the product, they are offered more related products on the back end.

Now instead of just getting a $7 commission, you can now potentially earn $50, $200, $1,000+ from that same customer.

If you are getting a ONE time commission of an ebook transaction of $7, you can’t do much as an affiliate marketer and you will go broke fast.

So anything you promote, it has to have multiple upsell products that can bank you up to $1,000 or more. Even if it’s up to $200, that’s still good too.

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