Awaken The Offer Inside

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We all have an info-product inside of us waiting to be shared.

Many will never create one because they either do not realize it or they may talk themselves out of it.

But you would be surprised how much value you can provide from so many sources.

  1. Your Experiences.
  2. Your Successes.
  3. Your Failures.
  4. Your Research.
  5. Your Observations.

Trends are a fantastic source of content that others would find value in.

When you spot a trend that means there will be curiosity on that topic and an audience is hungry to learn more about it.

Sometimes you can create something of value from seemingly absolutely nothing. Just sitting in front of a computer/cell like you are now.

There was a Warrior Special Offer once on the trending Adult Coloring Book popularity. I think it did fairly well.

Saw a hot trend/topic. Compiled everything he/she could find on the topic also the juicy stuff like best ways to monetize and real case studies.

I remember another Warrior Special Offer on The Top Flippa Auction Sellers.
It was a resource on what they were doing and how they were doing it that others found interesting and valuable.

Sometimes your product is right there in front of you in the form of content that you can mold as a value product others can leverage.

I had my first online marketing success right here on the Warrior Forum.

There was a thread that was so hot and popular that it began to branch off into sub-threads! 

The topic was an upcoming high ticket launch that all the Gurus were pre-selling for and Warriors were debating was it going to be worth it or not.

It was one of the most amusing threads because people had some very strong opinions. 

 Day after day