Assigning Elliott Wave Degrees

Did you know that you’re able to change the labeling of the degree of a wave when drawing Elliott Waves?

Elliott Wave Degree labels assist in the identification of the fractal patterns of Elliott Waves . These degrees are used for both motive and corrective waves (though only motive waves are labeled here). Each of the degrees have a standardized notation that indicates the degree of the wave, allowing the user to identify them more easily.

While the different degrees of waves can be applied however someone would like on a chart, the order and length of time for degrees that are most often used from largest to smallest are:

Grand supercycle: multi-century
Supercycle: multi-decade
Cycle: one to multiple years
Primary: months to years
Intermediate: weeks to months
Minor: weeks
Minute: days
Minuette: hours
Subminuette: minutes
**Times associated with degrees are approximate**

There are six more degrees that are used less often due to the extremely high and low time frames, they are: Supermillennium, Millennium , Submillenium, Micro, Submicro and Miniscule.

In order to change the degree of the Elliott Wave , simply

  • Double-click on the drawn wave, or select it and click the settings gear in the toolbar
  • Go to Style
  • Select desired degree from the dropdown

Thats it!

How often do you use Elliott Waves in your analysis?