Monthly Archives: August 2021

American Eagle homes in on Twitch with new creator partnership

A new article on Marketing Dive reports that clothing company American Eagle is deepening its efforts on lives streaming Twitch as it continues to connect with teen and young adult consumers. Along with brand imaging, which will be part of the new channel’s panels, American Eagle will work with /twitchgaming to create customized segments on gaming and […]

Why community could be the next big thing in marketing

A new article on looks at why even B2B marketers are talking about community. People like to be part of a group that shares common interests, whether personal or professional. There’s nothing new about that — so why are so many people suddenly talking about the importance of community to brands, including B2B brands, and the […]

Making AI work for workflow management

A new article on reports that AI-powered collaborative work management enables marketing teams to keep up with competition and WFH challenges. The author says that wearable technology company Fitbit was using Jira for project management and was looking to increase efficiency for future product cycles. After implementing the Wrike for Marketers solution, the marketing team reported […]

TikTok Just Announced a New Shopify Shop Tab for Approved Merchant Profiles

tiktok shopify

A new article on Social Media Today reports that TikTok has just announced it will be expanding its relationship with Shopify in order to provide more ways for Shopify merchants to promote their products directly to their audience in the app. “TikTok’s influence on modern retail is global and culture-defining, and our community has made shopping an […]

Instagram Outlines How its Search Algorithms Work, and How You Can Optimize Your Presence

instagram search

A new article on Social Media Today reports that Instagram has just published the second installment in its new ‘How Instagram Works’ series, with an overview of how its search algorithms function, and how you can maximize your chances of showing up in relevant search results. “Search on Instagram sorts through millions of accounts and posts to […]

Is your brand facing an identity crisis?

A new article on Search Engine Land says that people want to go where somebody knows their name. Identity makes it happen for brands, and getting it right drives personalization and trust. The author says that people shop in stores and on websites that recognize them and welcome them back. They like offers that match their interests […]

PPC campaign launch checklist

ppc campaign checklist

A new article on Search Engine Land says that if you’re ready to launch your next campaign, this campaign checklist will ensure you cross all your t’s and dot every single one of your i’s. The author says that launching and managing a successful digital advertising campaign takes time and planning. This primer will help orient you […]

Why is My YouTube Channel Watch Time Decreasing?

How to better understand watch time performance

A new article on Search Engine Journal features some guidelines from YouTube that go over the steps you can take to understand why your channel’s watch time is decreasing. How to better understand watch time performance.. YouTube explains why channels experience drops in performance. Search Engine Journal discusses how to answer the question, “why is my watch […]

TikTok Launches ‘Creative Solutions’ Guide to Building Effective TikTok Campaigns

tiktok creative solutions

Social Media Today reveals that as TikTok continues its meteoric rise, many more marketers are now looking the app’s way and considering how they can tap into the platform to boost their brand reach and discovery. The author here says that TikTok requires a dedicated approach. You have to understand what works with the TikTok community […]

SMT Expert Series: Keren Baruch Discusses LinkedIn Content Trends and Creator Tools

According to Social Media Today, over the last few years, LinkedIn engagement has gone through the roof, with the company reporting record levels of on-platform activity — specifically, engagement with posts and updates – for five straight quarters running. That’s seen LinkedIn put more focus on content creation, and building community on the platform, which has […]