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How to be in the 10% of Profitable Traders

How to be in the 10% of Profitable Traders

The fact that most traders don’t make money in the markets is no different a statistic than other fields. The majority of high school football players don’t go on to college scholarships and very few college football players get professional contracts to the NFL. Most players play for the passion and the dream. Traders have […]

How to manage & deal with consecutive losses in trading ?

Hi everyone: Today I want to go over a very key trading psychology lesson on how to deal with losses, especially consecutive losses. This is bound to happen to any traders, whether you are new or experienced. ITs something all professional traders will have to deal with on a regular basis. Understand that, dealing with losses psychologically […]

Instagram Stories Drafts are Now Available to All Users

IG Stories Drafts

Social Media Today reveals that Instagram announced that the feature was coming back in March, and now, all users have the option to save their Instagram Stories as drafts within the app. As you can see in the above sequence, posted on Twitter (and shared by Matt Navarra), the new option is activated when you go […]

Account-based marketing propelled forward by the pandemic

account based marketing statistics

A new article on reports that as B2B buyers have changed the way they engage with companies, marketers and vendors are using ABM to adapt. The author says we hear a lot about how dramatically the pandemic has affected consumer purchasing behavior, but the business-to-business side of buying is less frequently discussed. That doesn’t […]

Yelp just launched a new platform: Yelp Audiences

Yelp just launched a new platform: Yelp Audiences

A new article on reports that Yelp has launched Yelp Audiences to connect national and regional advertisers with consumers based on Yelp search activity. That creates the opportunity to target high intent Yelp users outside the Yelp platform and at any stage in the purchase cycle. By working directly with advertisers, Yelp reduces the need for […]