Monthly Archives: June 2021

Video and consumer behavior

Video is still the most engaging content form on social platforms. Majority of brands have also moved their offerings online, so it’s no surprise that consumer behaviour is changing. In fact, this study shows that:93% of consumers said video influences their purchase decision.Video is the #1 content type from brands on social media.Facebook, Instagram, and […]

Social media image size guide

Images are almost always the top element in every social media page. Without images, well, pages would be boring right? And while we want images to fill our pages, it’s also wise to make sure that these visuals look their best on each platform. And that means that their dimensions are appropriate for each platform. […]

Upping your personalized marketing messaging strategy

LinkedIn Data Shows the Rise of Remote Marketing Jobs in US

Nothing beats personalised emails when you open your inbox first thing in the morning. And yes, it’s not just a “Hi John” or “Hey there, Steve” thingaboo. No. It’s also personalising the entire messaging content down to the body and maybe even the closing. Here’s an infographic showing you how to do it.

Four PPC Myths You Should Let Go of During 2021

A new article on Search Engine Journal attempts to dispel four PPC myths and expose their underlying assumptions, saying they cause paid search campaigns to fail and give the channel a bad rap in general. The author says that for as long as paid search has been around, certain stubborn PPC myths have plagued it, and they […]

Social media planning post-pandemic

crop businesswoman using smartphone in cafe

The pandemic is perhaps one of the biggest disruptors in recent history, and no one was ever prepared for it. Everyone just literally either paused or totally stopped long-term plans, including holidays, promotions, big purchases, etc. just to get through the worst. Recently a 1000-people study conducted by Twitter shows optimism that things might get […]