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How to Use Paid Search and Social Advertising to Maximise Audience Expansion

search and social audience expansion

A new article on Search Engine Journal explains how to grow your audience and maintain ongoing campaigns – without refreshing content. You can stay more visible for longer by looking at precisely why your campaign has gotten stale. Assess which platforms are working better than others, and figure out exactly when customers are likely to take the […]

Sick of Google and Facebook ads? Here are alternates

Google Ads Mistakes To Avoid

There are two big names in online advertising. The first one is a very popular search engine, which happens to also own YouTube. The other one is a social networking giant which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Microsoft Advertising Now you might ask me – who uses Bing? Well I do, and Microsoft claims 5.5 […]

Why Facebook can Shut down your Ad Campaigns

Whenever you advertise on some’s ad network, you need to play on their terms or follow their rules. However, you can do a couple of things to minimize your ads’ rejection or account closure and massively increase your success rate. View things from the ad network’s perspective, and obviously, you need to read the terms […]

Google Lightning Talks: The State of SEO

googles new logo

A new article on Search Engine Journal reports on Google’s latest video in the Lightning Talks series, which presents data on the state of SEO in 2020 compared to 2019. This is all about a video in Google’s Lightning Talks series about the state of web search engine optimization. It presents data on how websites are following […]

Search Engine Journal’s ‘Ask an SEO’ Feature: How Web Publishers Can Get a Small Website to Rank Hig

googles new logo

A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that it’s possible to get a small website to rank high in search engines, but you have to be strategic. You can find out what you need to do here. Bryan in Ohio. Bryan asks: “I have a six-page website. Is it possible to rank very high […]

Google’s John Mueller Says Now is The Perfect Time For an SEO Side Hustle

googles new logo

A new article on Search Engine Journal says that with the impending launch of the Page Experience update, Google’s John Mueller has come out and said that now is the right time to get into optimizing websites. Google’s John Mueller just responded to a user in a thread on Reddit saying that it’s a great time to […]

Why is Search – and SEO – So Important?


A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that the consumer journey is gradually playing a broader role in search. Users usually search to solve specific problems, to accomplish a range of tasks, and to get things done. Bill Gates once said: “The future of search is verbs.” He wasn’t talking about the words people use in […]